Shuttering magnet systems

Formwork magnetic systems for the production of flat concrete products at precast concrete plants

Shuttering magnet systems

Formwork shuttering magnets for the production of flat reinforced concrete products at precast concrete plants. Wide range of applications suitable for timber and metal formwork panels

Shuttering magnet systems

Magnets for fixing threaded bushings, magnetic holders, anchor plates with magnets, magnets for electrical boxes

Shuttering magnet systems

Magnetic profiles for chamfering. Profiles of various shapes are made of steel or plastic with embedded magnets

Formwork magnetic systems

This is a new stage in the production of flat reinforced concrete products (RCP). Magnetic formwork is quite easy to use in the production of reinforced concrete products (RCP); as the main advantage, magnetic formwork greatly simplifies the production process, specifically the installation of formwork. Magnetic formwork systems are based on magnetic pole pieces, edge form elements, embedded magnets, and magnetic chamfer. Below you will find more detailed information about each kind of magnetic equipment.

Formwork magnets

These magnets are used for fastening shape-generating formwork panels to steel production table. Formwork magnets differ depending on the presence and type of adapter and the pull-off force.

Edge forms

Formwork magnetic systems or magnetic formwork elements are used for the production of precast concrete elements, which include magnets, edge forms and clamps for embedded parts. Adapters with formwork magnets are installed at fixing points of the magnetic formwork. When the concrete hardens, the formwork is dismantled by removing the magnets and shape-generating edge with adapters. The edge forms differ in rigidity – flexible formwork panels are used for round or radial products and rigid edge forms or formwork panels are used for standard structures.

Embedded (INNER) magnets and emptiness-formers

Embedded magnets and emptiness-formers are used to form cavities and holes in precast concrete products. For example, elements forming openings with the use of magnets are applied to form window or door openings. If it is necessary to perform a non-standard task, a collapsible element forming opening or a connection of standard formwork parts are used. For example, coupling of window and door openings is used to form opening to a balcony.

Magnetic chamfer

Magnetic chamfer is used to form technological recesses and chamfering. Such a chamfer is made of steel profile with magnets placed in grooves.

Ordering magnetic formwork

Our company is a manufacturer of magnetic formwork and sells its products throughout Europe. If you decide to upgrade your precast concrete production process, please find our contact information on the contact page. Our manager will help you make the right choice according to your requirements.