Our products

Shuttering Magnets for Precast concrete production

Shuttering magnets for production of concrete products in precast concrete plants offer a range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of formwork construction, for wood or steel shuttering

Magnetic shuttering systems for horizontal production of concrete products in precast concrete plants

Magnets for fixing threaded sleeves, magnetic holders, anchor plates with magnetic holder, electrical box magnets

Magnetic profiles for formation chamfers. Profiles of different shapes are made of steel or plastic with built –in magnets

Equipment For The Production Of Prestressed Conctere Elements And Concrete Hollow Core Slabs By Extrusion Method. We Offer Extruders, Sawing Machines, Multifunction Machines, Hydraulic prestressing jacks, Wedges, Maintenance And Spare Parts

hollow core slabs machines and spare parts

Hollow core slab TDM extruder. Unique extruder designed on modular platform and assigned for producing: concrete hollow core and massive slabs, full-bodied piles, hollow piles, T-beams and many others....
TDM sawing machine for lengthwise and cross cutting of slabs and different concrete product with heights up to 550 mm and width 1200, 1500 and 2400 mm....
We offer wide assortment of spare parts for equipment for producing concrete hollow core slabs by extrusion forming method of Finnish and Italian production...
Our company makes full or partial repair and modernization of equipment (extruders, sawing machines) for the production of prestressed concrete elements and concrete hollow core slabs ...