form a beveled corner on the product in order to create accurate aesthetic appearance of the concrete product corners and eliminate chipping of corners of the concrete products.

Магнитная фаска
Магнитная фаска
Магнитная фаска
Магнитная фаска


Beveler with magnet is used to form a chamfer or beveled corner during the production of reinforced concrete products (RCP). The formation of such a chamfer provides several advantages:

  • The corners of chamfered concrete structures tend to destruction less than usual.
  • The design has a more aesthetic appearance.
  • Formation of technological recesses.

Magnetic chamfer fits easily into the corner between steel edge forms and steel assembly table. Such magnetic profile contributes to the formation of chamfers in concrete structures, which further increases service life of the formwork. When filling the form, part of the concrete or concrete milk goes beyond magnetic formwork or edge forms. Spilled concrete gets hardened that negatively affects removal of the formwork. Arrangement of magnetic chamfer seals the contact points of the formwork shield and production table that reduces spillage of concrete milk and prolongs the life of expensive formwork.

Types of magnetic chamfer

The main types of magnetic chamfers are distinguished by several features. The first and most obvious feature is geometric shape:

  • Triangular chamfer
  • Trapezoidal chamfer
Triangular magnetic chamfer

Triangular chamfer can have rectangular and acute-angled form. The pole piece in such chamfers can be fixed in different positions, for example, on the base and on the sides. Such chamfer is usually used to form beveled corners on products. If you want to order magnetic chamfers of different sizes, you can easily find our contacts on the contact page.

Trapezoidal magnetic chamfer

Trapezoidal magnetic chamfers are used to form recesses.

Advantages of magnetic chamfer

The main advantage of magnetic chamfer is its ease of use. No nails or hammer are needed to use magnetic chamfer. It can be easily fixed on a steel table or on magnetic formwork nodes.