We have developed several highly flexible magnetic formwork systems for the use with steel production tables for the production of reinforced concrete products (RCP). Our formwork systems consist of several modular parts that can be combined to produce wall panels, beams and columns of various sizes and thicknesses.

The formwork system consists of a pole piece with integrated magnet mechanism and adapter for fastening the formwork shield, which can be used for various solutions during the production of concrete products.

We can design from scratch or adapt existing formwork systems to meet any requirement of our customers.Magnetic formwork systems are designed for the production of flat concrete products of any shape up to 600 mm high. One of the significant advantages of magnetic formwork is that during production of concrete products, installation time will be significantly reduced and the final cost of production will be decreased.

1) Steel production table
2) Formwork shield (steel, wood, plywood)
3) Magnet
4) Adapter
5) Magnet for attaching a flexible board
6) Adapter for flexible board
7) Flexible steel board








insert magnets, Монтажные магниты

Magnetic formfork

This is a system for attaching formwork shields to the surface of production table during the manufacture of concrete products in the plants of reinforced concrete products (RCP). Magnetic formwork system allows production of the following products:

  • plates,
  • columns,
  • pillars,
  • wall panels and other products.

Magnetic formwork, formwork systems and their operational capabilities

The owners of such magnetic systems can easily customize their products, because magnetic formwork allows make flat concrete products of any shape. The system allows significantly save time and money for the installation of edge forms, maintenance and changeover of the production process. Magnetic systems can be easily adjusted if it is necessary to make any changes in the dimensions of the manufactured product.

This new type of magnetic equipment is widely used worldwide due to its excellent magnetic properties and integrated adapter for the formwork system.

Magnetic formwork kit includes:

Magnetic formwork consists of 4 main parts:

  • Production table
  • Formwork shield
  • Formwork magnet (block with magnet)
  • Fixing adapter
  • Magnetic emptiness-formers and mounting magnets

Production table

This is a special site or platform made of steel for the production of flat concrete products. The table can be equipped with a swivel mechanism and a hydraulic jack.

Formwork shield

There are 2 types of formwork shields:

  • Rigid
  • Flexible

It should be noted that two different pole pieces are used to attach these two types of formwork shields. Formwork shield can be made from different materials: steel, aluminum, wood or plywood.

Pole piece

The pole piece is used for fixation of all edge forms to the production table. Depending on the pole piece model, the formwork shield can be attached to the pole piece through the attachable adapter directly to the pole piece case or the pole piece case serves as a board for concrete.

Embedded magnets

Embedded magnets are used to create hollows, cavities or openings in the reinforced concrete products, and to fix embedded parts in concrete, for example, electrical wiring elements, lifting eyes or mounting plates.

Advantages of magnetic formwork systems:

  • Simple and fast installation of formwork of any shape and quick correction if necessary.
  • Saving time on organizing and setting up the production process.
  • Minimum weight of magnetic formwork – its installation can be made one person.