shuttering systems

Shuttering magnet systems

We have developed a highly flexible magnetic shuttering system to be used with a steel table.

Our shuttering systems consists of several interchangeable parts, which can combine to produce wall panels, beams and columns with various sizes and thicknesses.

This formwork-system, consist of a formwork-profile with integrated magnetic tension-mechanism, which can be used with different solutions in the production of concrete products.

We can create and adapt various systems in any dimensions to fulfill the applications and requirements of our customers.

Magnetic formwork system is designed to produce flat concrete products of any shape up to 600 mm. With the use of magnetic formwork concrete products, significantly reduces installation time and reduces the final cost of production.

1) Steel Table
2) The shuttering plate (steel, wood, polywood)
3) Magnet
4) Adapter
5) A magnet for attaching the flexible board
6) Adapter for flexible board
7) Flexible steel board

Multi-purpose adapters

Shuttering system LCN40

Shuttering system RT

Shuttering system LCN60

Different solutions

insert magnets