Formwork magnets are used for the production of reinforced concrete products in plants for the production of precast concrete elements. Formwork shuttering magnets and magnetic formwork have a wide range of applications, perfectly suitable for all types of edge forms (wooden or metal panels) for the production of flat reinforced concrete products (RCP).

The basis of magnetic formwork is formwork magnet with or without case. Formwork magnet is a ready-to-use product to fasten formwork plate or formwork elements. All magnets are supplied with fasteners or fixing bolts.

Formwork magnet in cases consist of:
1) Case with magnetic block
2) Fixing bolts
3) Clamping handle
4) Tear-off device



Mod.: RT270
Magnetic force (kg): 1800, 2100
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 310*120*60

Mod.: RT220
Magnetic force (kg): 900, 1000
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 250*80*50, 250*80*60

Mod.: RT140
Magnetic force (kg): 450, 500
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 170*80*60, 170*80*50

Mod.: LC220
Magnetic force (kg): 1600
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 250*120*60

Mod.: LCN40
Magnetic force (kg): 1800, 2100
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 310*120*60

Mod.: LCN60
Magnetic force (kg): 1800, 2100
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 450*120*60

Mod.: TDM100,  TDM150
Magnetic force (kg): 1600
Height (mm): 100, 150

Mod.: LCNB30/100
Magnetic force (kg): 1600, 1800, 2100
Dimensions (L*W*H, mm): 225*90*30, 240*90*30, 264*90*30

Mod.: SKN900  SKN1600
Magnetic force (kg): 900, 1600

Магнитные блоки для изготовления ЖБ конструкций – это инновационное решение, которое значительно упрощает и ускоряет процесс производства железобетонных конструкций.



1. Reducing the time for formwork installation (up to 70%).
2. Universal use for mass production of concrete products and individual products of all shapes on one steel production table.
3. No need for welding – formwork magnets will not damage steel production table.
4. Allows the production of radial products.
5. Low cost of a set of magnets. Short term of return on investment.
6. The main advantage of formwork magnets is that you will not need to have many different forms for a wide range of products; you will need a set of magnets, adapters for different board heights and steel production table. This will allow you produce almost any flat reinforced concrete product up to 600 mm high.

Formwork magnets are used in the production of concrete flat products at plants and at construction sites with the use of steel production tables. They are used in the production of flat products of any form up to 600 mm high, piles and columns of any length, floor slabs, road slabs, sandwich panels, beams, and other concrete products.

Magnetic formwork

The use of magnetic formworks and shuttering magnets in the construction industry is a step forward in the manufacture of precast concrete products. Permanent magnets began to be used in the production of reinforced concrete products (RCP) not so long ago. Initially, welding was used to fasten the formwork or edge forms to steel production table. However, this approach requires additional mechanical operations and personnel. In addition, in this case, the upper working surface of production tables will be damaged; emerging of shells significantly reduces quality of the reinforced concrete product surface and increases the consumption of lubricants during further proceedings.

Magnetic formwork is used to simplify production process. Magnetic formwork saves time, money and efforts in the production process due to easiness of fixing process, easy method of correction and modularity. The principle of magnetic formwork system operation is quite simple, so to start using the magnetic formwork you will need:

  • Steel production table of required size
  • Formwork magnets in sufficient quantity to produce the required product
  • A set of adapters for the required board height
  • Formwork panels of required height and length
Steel production table

The steel production table is usually made from structural steel. Some steel tables can be optionally equipped with concrete compaction vibrators, swivel mechanism and hydraulic cylinders.

Operating principle of formwork magnets

When using a magnetic formwork, it is necessary to place magnet in the right place on the table and press the button upwards or activate the magnet in the prescribed way. When the button is pressed (in the case of magnet activation with a push-button), the magnet starts to work while it is securely fixed on the steel production table. For the production of reinforced concrete products of various heights, different adapters are used, which can be part of the pole piece case or attached to the pole piece case. Adapters are used to fasten the formwork board to the formwork magnet. Deactivation of the magnet is performed by lifting the button with a special tool.

Magnetic formwork adapters

The formwork adapter is an appliance with a place for attaching formwork magnets and formwork shield. Some formwork magnets are equipped with adapter as part of the formwork magnet case; there are also formwork magnets whose body is a formwork shield, for example, magnetic board.

Formwork shield

The formwork shield can be of two types – flexible and rigid. Flexible shield is used to form special (non-standard) shapes and bends. Rigid formwork shield is used for the production of straight sections of products, for example, wooden or steel shield.

Types and features of magnetic formworks

Magnetic formworks differ in several ways:

  • Pull-off force of the pole piece
  • The presence or absence of the adapter, i.e. solid boards or collapsible, for example, collapsible formwork or board with pole pieces

The unique combination of magnetic properties and versatility explain the distinctive position of this equipment. The number of industries using magnetic systems is growing every day, and the precast concrete industry is no exception.