Formwork magnets from LITEC are an innovative solution for speeding up and simplifying the process of making reinforced concrete structures.

Магнитные фиксаторы для опалубкиMagnetic formwork magnets have a number of advantages over traditional formwork.

  1. 1. Firstly, they greatly simplify the process of mounting and dismantling the formwork.
  2. Secondly, there is no need to use bolts or other fasteners, which greatly simplifies the work.

In addition, shuttering magnets can significantly reduce the time required to set up the formwork.

One of the main advantages of formwork magnets from LITEC is their versatility. They can be used on any steel or metal mold surface, regardless of shape or size. Due to this, magnetic clamps can be used for the manufacture of any reinforced concrete structures.

In addition, magnetic formwork blocks are highly durable and reliable. They are able to hold the formwork on the mold surface with great force, thus avoiding displacement of formwork or formwork elements during concreting. This guarantees the quality of the manufactured structure and increases the safety of workers in the workplace.

In addition, the use of formwork magnets from LITEC allows

Significantly reduce the cost of production of reinforced concrete structures and improve safety at work. All this makes magnetic formwork with magnetic clamps an attractive solution for modern construction projects.

Despite all the advantages of magnetic formwork clamps, it should be noted that they are not a universal solution for all construction projects. In some cases, traditional formwork may be more efficient. Therefore, the decision to select a certain type of formwork should be based on the characteristics of a particular project and the requirements of the customer.

In general, the use of formwork magnets from LITEC is one of the most modern and effective ways to speed up and simplify the process of manufacturing reinforced concrete structures. This is an innovative solution that reduces construction time and costs, improves the quality of manufactured structures and improves safety. Our company has a complete range for the production of reinforced concrete products up to 600 mm high. Contact the contacts listed on the site, and our engineers will select the necessary parameters of magnetic blocks, clamps to solve your problems.

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